Barbara is a different kind of florist - a farm florist.


The distinct difference between a conventional florist and a farm florist begins with the sourcing of flowers. Our fields are host to many unusual and heirloom varieties of annual and perennial flowers. Grown mainly from seed, our flowers are harvested, conditioned, and put in cold storage just days before they are sold. To meet the demands of special events, additional floral varieties are sourced through fellow growers in the Association of Specialty Cut Flowers – an organization that promotes local and sustainable flower farming.


In contrast, a conventional florist purchases flowers from large wholesalers across the world - supporting growing practices that hurt the environment and workers. The quality of product between a conventional florist and a farm florist simply cannot be compared.

Our services vary greatly from a traditional florist.  Not only is our product different, but our entire business is built differently. The services we offer are based on the product we actually grow, providing us with complete control over the quality of our flowers. Our team of floral designers will design, deliver and set-up your wedding or event to perfection. Your product will be made from the freshest cut flowers grown on the farm, or sourced through our network of sustainably grown flowers. We can assure you that your flowers are truly obtained by sustainable and regional farms.

Our prices are reasonable and our quality is high. We believe flowers should be seen everyday! With the changing seasons and different flowers in bloom, there is no reason not to enjoy the soul-rejuvenating beauty of flowers every week.